Hemp Vaporizer

Hemp Vaporizer
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# Hemp Vaporizer is an extremely attractive and high tech vaporizer that matches the quality and effectiveness of any vaporizer. Aromatherapy Vaporizer contains a fully customized LED Digital temperature clock flashing the actual operating temperature while reaching the desired temperature set by the user. Heat up time is only 2-3 minutes to reach maximum temperature. The advanced air pump technology with silencer fills the bags quickly and efficiently within seconds. The temperature on the Aromatherapy Vaporizer ranges between 100 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After the valve balloon is filled it can be completely detached and used independently from the vaporizer and inhaled and passed around with ease. Precision electronic air temperature control and reliability previously unreachable in competing products have given the Aromatherapy Vaporizer the rating of most technologically advanced professional herbal vaporizer available in the World today. Aromatherapy Vaporizer can be used as an herbal vaporizer as a safer alternative to smoking. One Aromatherapy Vaporizer with accessories (mouth piece, 5 bags, etc) will be included with your package deal. # Iphone Digital Scale is 100g x 0.01 fine digital scale. Auto-off function , 4 weighing modes, Auto calibration, Full capacity Tare function and 2 pcs 3V CR2032 batteries included. One scale will be included with your package deal. # 2 inch diameter 3 piece herbal grinder. Magnetic to maintain the grinder in-tact. Mesh screen included on the bottom portion of the grinder to obtain the finest grind. One grinder will be included with your package deal.