e cig e-cig e-cigs

e cig e-cig e-cigs
Since they are electronically powered atomizers, they donít burn anything. That means there are no smoke, no tar and no smell in the air. This is good for you and people around you because second hand smoke is really the danger that concerns the public which is why smoking is now banned in many public spaces. You can smoke electronic cigarettes and be barely noticed for it.

Since the cartridges are refillable, you only need to carry your e cigarette. That means no more lighters or you donít have to go around looking for a light. The batteries can last a long time and there are LED indicators that tell you theyíre about to run out. Recharging the battery and replacing the cartridges are relatively easy. The only thing you have to get used to is not flicking your cigarette after you smoke!

e cig e cigs e-cig e-cigs
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