Da Buddah Vaporizer

Da Buddah Vaporizer
Da Buddha Vaporizer, the little brother to the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a great affordable whip style vaporizer that offers easy temperature adjustment for light to dense vapors. Similar to it’s big brother, Da Buddha vaporizer offers a heavy duty cylindrical aluminum body that easily handles the abuses of everyday use. The silver Da Buddha Vaporizer is hard anodized after sandblasting while the black Da Buddha vaporizer goes through a powder coating process for extra scratch and dent resistance.

The heater unit for Da Buddha vaporizer is full ceramic for safe and effective heating of all your herbs while the ground glass heater cover makes a great connection with the whip for easy hands free operation. For those who are new to vaporizers, ‘hands free’ operation means that the wand (the glass) that holds your herbs connects directly to the vaporizer until you pull it out. This allows you to leave the wand connected to the vaporizer while you inhale through the mouthpiece.

Da Buddha Vaporizer
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